Council Officers 2019 - 2020


Grand Knight: sk Matthew Gavinelli

Matt joined the KOC-OLG in December 2012, and was one of the founding members of council 15590. Matt has held the position of Warden, Treasurer, Deputy Grand Knight and Trustee. Matt is very active in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. He is chairman of the Pastoral Council, a weekend Sacristan, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy communion, and a member of the Social Affairs Committee. Matt has been co-chair for the Mother’s Day rose sale and Applebee’s Breakfast over the past few years. Also, Matt and Chris Valeri organized the KOC Silver Rose event. He continues to support and assist at council fund raisers and events.

KOC - Picture (C.Valeri).JPG

Deputy Grand Knight: sk Chris Valeri

Chris joined the KOC-OLG in December of 2015 and advanced to the Sir Knight Degree in April 2016. Since then, Chris has acted as the council's Director of Recruiting and Advancement and as Past Faithful Chancellor. He now serves OLG's council as Deputy Grand Knight. Chris is also the Deputy Warden (District #30 - PA) and was recently elected as "Captain" of the Archbishop Wood Assembly ("1680"). Before this election he served as the Assembly's Pilot and Inner Sentinel. Chris heads the "Adopt-a-Road" clean up and organizes Knight support in connection with the "Respect for Life" Rummage Sale. Additionally, he serves as an usher in the parish.    

Chancellor: sk Dante DeAnnuntis

recorder: sk Kevin Meyer

treasurer: sk george jackson

Financial secretary: BK Dennis Harte

advocate: sk james albert

warden: sk Michael Jusczak

inside guards: sk chris sculley & SK Michael fisher

outside guard: BK bob O’Leary

1 year trustee: sk bill destefano

2 year trustee: sk Robert Canney

3 year trustee: sk Frank Dolski

chaplain: sk monsignor joseph gentili

program director: sk THOMAS SAVAGE

lecturer: sk bob silberg